At Ideal, it is our passion to be a completely environmentally friendly operation. 

We have a strong heritage and a proud history.  

We want to make sure that we are around for many generations to come working and living on this beautiful planet. That’s why we are continuously improving our dry cleaning and laundry technology to ensure we have the most efficient and environmentally friendly organisation as possible. 
In 2018 we launched our Green Pledge. A set of environmentally friendly goals that we have set ourselves to achieve before 2019. 
Here are eight ways we're making changes for the better in 2018: 
1. Removal of all toxic and carcinogenic chemicals from our dry cleaning and laundry processes 
We’ve made Perc a thing of the past. Traditional dry cleaning with toxic chemicals belongs in the stone age, so we use Lagoon Advanced Care instead. Better for the planet, better for your clothes, better for you. 
2. Reduce our consumption of environmentally hazardous laundry chemicals 
By only using EU Ecolabel accredited laundry chemicals, which have been certified as the most environmentally-friendly option currently available - we’ll make everything as green as humanly possible. 
3. We’re reducing our Sodium Hypochlorite usage by 75% this year 
Sodium Hypochlorite is extremely dangerous to our environment and very toxic to aquatic organisms - we aim to minimise our use of this chemical this year. 
4. Reduce water and electricity consumption 
By ensuring we make the most effective use of our machinery, we will reduce our water and electricity consumption this year. 
5. Zero to landfill 
All waste to be recycled – with nothing being returned to the ground. 
6. All polythene that is used for our packaging of hanging dry cleaning and laundry garments to be packaged in biodegradable polythene 
This year, we aim to find and implement a biodegradable or recyclable packaging solution for flat laundry garments to replace our non-degradable plastic bags. 
7. Reduce our consumption of disposable non-recyclable coffee cups 
Introducing an reward scheme for customers using their own cups – and sourcing a green, environmentally-friendly alternative to the standard non-recyclable coffee cups. 
8. Using recycled paper throughout the business, to cut down on waste 
From paperless invoices to all advertising material, will be printed on recycled products. 

We will do everything we can to ensure our business is as environmentally friendly as possible – and will continue to improve wherever we can. Follow our progress on social media! 

Dry Cleaning 

As the first company in the U.K. To be specifically selected to use Lagoon Advanced Care Wet Cleaning back in 2014, we realised that cleaning with water was the way forward; better for your clothes, better for your skin, better for our staff, and better for our planet. In our 51 years’ experience of using perchloroethylene, we have advanced our cleaning process onto Lagoon Advanced Care Wet Cleaning system as the superior alternative to the tradition perchloroethylene dry cleaning process. 
At Ideal, we had been dry cleaning with perchloroethylene since 1966. The process hasn’t changed much over the 51 years that we’ve been using it at our Pound Lane cleaning facility here in Exmouth. Dry cleaning with perchloroethylene is a known carcinogenic toxic chemical and is extremely dangerous to the environment. 


In 2018 we upgraded our laundry chemicals ECOLAB’s OxyGuard 40. These chemicals are the most environmentally friendly laundry chemicals available today. OxyGuard 40 chemiclas carry the EU Ecolabel accreditation. 
The EU Ecolabel ensures that the best decisions for the environment are made at every point of the product’s life cycle, while delivering high-performance products and value for money. When you see the EU Ecolabel logo, on a product, it means less waste, less pollution and products that are better for the planet. The EU Ecolabel makes green choices easy. 
For more information about EU Ecolabel please follow this link 
OxyGuard 40 allows us to use less dangerous and harmful traditional laundry chemicals, such as sodium hyperchlorite bleach, which is extremely dangerous to acquatic life – but until recently, was the only way in which laundries could ensure garments stayed white. 
Another bonus with OxyGuard 40 chemicals is that we are able to use less water and less engery to heat the water. We can now wash bed linen at 40 degrees celcious and still guarantee the removal of all bacteria and a far superior wash results and finish than when we were washing at temperatures in excess of 65 degrees celsius! 
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