The Ideal laundry process, that's environmentally friendly! 

We know that the quality of our service influences how your customers see your business. We are committed to delivering excellence for our clients and their customers, meeting and exceeding your expectations.   At the heart of this is our desire to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  

We continuously invest in our team training and laundry systems, to ensure we maintain the highest quality and environmentally friendly standards. We stick to strict National and European laundry cleaning guidelines; as such we ensure that we achieve and exceed all the recognised and relevant certifications and qualifications. These are visible symbols of investment and of our total commitment to quality. 

Our laundry process uses Ozone laundry technology that has won The Queens Award 2021  

Ozone laundry technology is a revolutionary laundering process that uses a powerful oxidizing gas called ozone, which we produce on site at Ideal, on Pound Lane, Exmouth. The ozone is then dissolved in the washing water. When the ozone water comes into contact with organic materials in your laundry, it oxidizes (or "destroys") them. That includes bacteria, viruses, mold, or other microorganisms.  
Ozone is such a powerful oxidant that it kills microorganisms 3,000 times faster than bleach and standard hot water laundry processes. 

 Environmentally friendly laundry chemicals, that keep your garments bacteria free when they're on the bed! 

Our laundry chemicals addresses the challenges of keeping textiles sanitised after being laundered when in storage and during the transition between your premises and your customer’s facilities. bed sheets, table linen, towels and other fabrics cleaned with our chemical products will remain bacteria-free for up to three months after washing – a claim verified by independent ISO22196:2011 testing. 
Working in harmony with our Ozone laundry system means we use less chemicals, compared to traditional laundries. Ozone intensifies the productivity of laundry chemicals, meaning we can dose a lot less chemicals and get the same results as a traditional laundry dosing at two thirds more chemicals than we use. Less chemicals means, we use fewer rinses and therefore, less water wastage to remove the excess chemical.  

 We have removed polythene from our processes 

As we deliver to storerooms that are indoors, we do not need to use polythene to return the linen in. The linen hampers that the dirty linen is sent into us in, are washed and steralised in Ozone, ready for us to put the clean linen safely into.  
We are also reducing the use of plastic in our services. We do not use fabric softener, as this is a plastic. Fabric softener is a lesser known plastic polluter, which is pumped into the rinses of many laundries and then poured down the drain into our waterways.  
Another plastic polluter is synthetic starch, this is pumped into many laundries rinses for their table linen. Plastic starch is extremely popular, because it is cheap. We don't use starch on our linen, because Ozone gives us a naturally crisp finish. But if we do use it, we use organic vegetable starch. 
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